Sponsor a Child

When Amazima Ministries first began our Education Sponsorship Outreach, we noticed parents were dropping off their children at orphanages — not because they were orphans, but because there they would get to eat three times a day, receive medical care and attend school.

Our hope was to connect some of our friends from around the world with these children, sponsoring them financially so they could stay with their families, receive the education they so desperately need, and have their basic needs met. At the time, our goal was to sponsor ten children. That number soon grew to 40, and from 40 to 150, and today more than 700 children are sponsored through Amazima Ministries.

Our focus is still the same as it was in 2008 — we want to connect our friends in Uganda with our friends around the world. This program is the heart of Amazima Ministries — connecting people with people, deeply.

Your gift of at least $300 a year (or $25/month) helps to provide for over 700 children. Become an Amazima sponsor today!

Amazima Ministries’ Education Sponsorship Program is focused on providing the opportunity for children in the Buziika area to receive education, nutrition, and medical care that would otherwise not be available to them. Each sponsored child is also assigned a mentor, a trained social worker who monitors their growth, makes sure all their needs are being met, and builds an encouraging relationship with his or her family. More importantly we wish to share God’s love with these children and help disciple them in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Sponsor a Child

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