Amazima provides a sponsorship program in which over 400 children take part. $300/year
provides a child with school fees, a uniform, two hot meals a day, school supplies, and any
minor medical care needed. The children are also discipled by the Amazima staff. To sponsor a
child, print
this form and mail it to us.
Karamojong women, Amazima Ministries, and 147
Million Orphans are partnering together to help
provide sustainable income for the Karamojong
families. Donate to Amazima Ministries or visit
147Millionorphans.blogspot.com to purchase
unique Ugandan magazine bead necklaces.  You
will be providing income for families and helping
feed the children of the Karamojong tribe.
Each family in the Amazima program will be given a hen. These
hens will lay eggs that the families can sell or choose to hatch.
They can then sell the chickens or choose to eat them. The
families must give their first full grown chicken to a neighbor in
the village who has not received a chicken, thus paying back their
loan. As long as these chickens are cared for they will provide an
opportunity for these families to self-sustain, and depend less on
the ministry for provision
In 2010, Amazima plans to buy a plot of land for a community garden. This will provide the
sponsored children and their parents an opportunity to interact and work together with one
another. This garden will also provide a way that food can be shared with the less fortunate in
the community.  
Amazima Ministries International
Amazima has purchased a plot of land. A fellowship hall with a kitchen and bathroom is being
built for the sponsored children to attend the weekly Bible study and feeding program.  
As little as $5.00 can provide a child with life saving medication.  In the villages Amazima
serves,  there is little or no adequate health care. Children are dying of easily treatable and
preventable illnesses. While Amazima continues to teach the adults in the community basic
health care, hygiene and disease prevention, hoping to one day not be needed, children
continue to fall sick. Help Amazima save a life!!
A child can be provided a healthy meal for as little as 15 cents!  Amazima feeds 1,200 children
in the Masese feeding program, which provides children from a slum community with meals at
school as an alternative to begging for food on the streets. Fifteen dollars provides 100 meals
for these children. A week's worth of meals is provided for $2.10 (children are served lunch and
given food to take home for supper). Feed a child today!!