Amazima is privileged to partner with several organizations in caring for the Ugandan people. We believe these partnerships help us expand our outreach to many more people than if we were trying to do it all by ourselves.

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Amazima is always very careful in choosing partners because we place high regard on the way in which we do ministry. In addition to our organizational values (see Our Mission & Vision) we have two thoughts on partnering:

ONE We work hard to enable and equip Ugandans to work. So many times as westerners we are temped to jump in and just do the work rather than making the investment to train and empower a native to do the work. Meaningful work brings dignity to people.

TWO We subscribe to many of the ideas found in Brian Fikkert’s book, When Helping Hurts; How to Alleviate Poverty Without Hurting the Poor…and Yourself.

If you feel you or your organization would make a good partner, please use the form below to tell us a little about yourself, your organization and what you have in mind. When we get your response, we will work to reply in a timely fashion.[/vc_column_text]