Farming God's Way

The Joy of Empowering

December 08 2014 -

A little over a month ago, we hosted a Farming God’s Way field day at our farm in Buziika. We had an amazing time with a little over 150 visitors, some of which drove 8-9 hours to come be with us.

To kick off the day, we brought our friends to the Demonstration Garden. At the Demonstration Garden, we are able to show people the drastic difference between Farming God’s Way practices and traditional Ugandan practices. When visitors see the incredible results, they start asking questions. We are then able to share techniques and costs with them. When the tour is finished, instructional materials for Farming God’s Way are available for purchase.

There is great joy in fruitfulness, but there is even greater joy in empowering others to be fruitful. We believe we are called to invest and multiply, not hoard, what we have been entrusted with and we thank God for the opportunity to do just that.

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Big Yields

July 07 2014 -

In Uganda, about 75% of the population is engaged in some type of agriculture. For many, it is the sole income for their family and their only source of food. One can imagine the anxiety that comes with waiting to see if the crop is going to be sufficient during harvest time.

With conventional farming practices, the average Ugandan produces 200 kilograms of beans per acre. Using the methods of Farming God’s Way, a conservation farming technique, the Amazima farm is producing 750-900 kilograms of beans per acre!

Can you believe the difference?!?

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Day of an African Child

June 16 2014 -

Today, all of Uganda pauses to reflect on their greatest strength.

Today is the Day of the African Child.

This year the focus was placed on the importance for all children to receive a quality education.

Mentor Annet wrote a poem and a song for a select group of Amazima children to perform at the ceremony. Annet said that the children performed well and were very appreciated.

Today we stop to value and cherish the children of this continent and of Uganda in particular.

We are blessed beyond measure by the children God has placed in our lives here.

We hope you enjoy their performance!

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