Sponsorship Program

Amazima Graduation 2016

December 08 2016 -

“If you want to get rich in a year, you plant beans.
If you want to get rich in ten years, you plant trees.
If you want to be rich for the next hundred years, you plant people.
I know that Amazima Ministries will certainly be rich for hundreds of years!”
- Julius Musasizi Kizito, District Education Officer of Buziika

On November 30th, we gathered under the hot Ugandan sun to celebrate a big moment for 62 of Amazima’s students! 250 people, all proud guardians, staff and students came together to take in this glorious achievement… graduation. The excitement throughout the land in Buziika was palpable as everyone worshipped and prayed, giving all the glory to God for this incredible moment!

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Heart of Amazima: Meet Priscilla

February 18 2016 -

Priscilla loves cooking. She not only loves cooking, she loves perfecting her meals by trying new techniques and ingredients! Much like her studies, Priscilla pursues cooking with great passion. She considers every opportunity God has given her through Amazima a great blessing. This ministry has opened so many doors for her to cook, share the gospel, and excel in her studies.

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Sacred Moments

December 22 2015 -

We look forward to our Christmas celebration with the children and families in Amazima’s Sponsorship Outreach every year! The day is full of festivities, and gives us all a chance to enjoy each other, give honor where honor is due, and most of all, celebrate our Lord and Savior. We sing, we dance, and we remember. We remember the birth of Christ, and what His life, death, and resurrection mean for the world today.

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Staff Highlight: Say Hello to Haba

December 02 2015 -

Did you know your partnership has allowed just over 60 Ugandans to join Amazima’s staff over the years? We believe hiring locally promotes substantiality, and ultimately allows Amazima’s work and ministry to be more effective. We sat down with one of our mentors recently, and what he had to say will inspire you.

His name is Haba, and he invests so much more than 8-hour workdays into the children of Amazima’s sponsorship program, and also other children in surrounding communities.

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Heart of Amazima: Meet Silas

August 25 2015 -

On Saturdays, you can find Silas hanging out with his friends on the playground of Amazima. The big smile on his face and his playful energy makes it hard to imagine that his father recently experienced a motorcycle accident, leaving him in the care of his grandmother who also provides for 14 other children. With the help of Amazima, 9 of those children are able to go to school, meals are accounted for in the home and Silas’s father is recovering because of excellent medical attention. We sat down with Silas recently to ask him a handful of questions!

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