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Sponsorship Outreach Mentors: A Tribute

April 02 2015 -

It started with a handful of children, a few. It started with a few because if He can trust us with a few, He can trust us with more, and then someday… perhaps many. Today there is more than a handful. There are 626 children in our Education Sponsorship Outreach.

626 personalities. 626 stories. 626 smiles. 626 cries. 626 learning styles. 626 treasures.

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Heart of Amazima: Meet Gorret

March 24 2015 -

Her name is Gorret, and she is a student in our Education Sponsorship Outreach. Around here, she is known for her kindness. She is kind to her friends, her siblings, and to her aunt and uncle who took her in at a young age. She regularly helps take care of her siblings and with chores around the house. Because of this, her family and friends hold her in high regard.

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His Great Love

March 16 2015 -

As you may already know, Saturdays are big days around here. We gather on Saturdays to worship, have bible study, eat, and play games with all of the children (about 700) in our Education Sponsorship Outreach. A couple of Saturdays ago, our youth pastor taught on a subject that is as vast and deep as the ocean: God’s great love.

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Heart of Amazima: Meet Makayi

February 20 2015 -

Makayi is 15 years old and is an avid soccer fan. While he can’t go watch live soccer matches at the stadium, he does listen to games on the radio. Aside from sports, Makayi is very strong in academics. In fact, he scored extremely well on his PLE (Primary Leaving Exam). The best possible score on the exam is 4, the worst possible score is 36. His was 6, putting him near the top of Division 1 which includes scores from 4-12. To put it simply, he is very smart!

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Ready, Set, Term 1

February 12 2015 -

Well, holiday is over and school is back in full swing! The first of three terms began just a couple of weeks ago and we had so much fun, as always, passing out school supplies. When we pass out supplies, all of the students receive the basics, but those going off to secondary school also receive a suitcase, mattress, and other necessities! Supplies will be replenished at the start of terms 2 and 3.

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