Sponsorship Program

Why Your Sponsorship Matters

July 27 2015 -

We believe one of the best ways Amazima can facilitate lasting change in Uganda is by pouring into Uganda’s youth and their families. Our sponsors allow us to do that effectively and strategically, and here’s why:

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Heart of Amazima: Meet Damba

July 02 2015 -

Damba is sixteen years old and has an insatiable passion for drumming. When he gets behind a drum, his reserved personality is interrupted by a boldness that springs up from deep inside. On Saturdays, we watch him play his drums during worship and it brings us so much joy. Damba also preaches and translates from time to time during our time of fellowship. We are grateful for the example he is setting for not just his siblings, but for the other younger children in our program as well.

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#TeamAmazima: Tea Can Change Lives

June 22 2015 -

Early last month, Betty Jane and Penny planned two separate tea parties on the same day in an effort to raise enough money to sponsor a child in our sponsorship outreach for a year. Betty Jane hosted at her home because she had the most teacups, and more teacups meant more generous hearts could gather at their tables.

They made room.

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Heart of Amazima: Meet George

May 19 2015 -

If you’re looking for a young leader who is full of life, you’re looking for George. He is in primary two this year, and is the class monitor for his classroom. Being the class monitor means he is responsible for collecting chalk for the teacher and collecting books for marking after assigned exercised. While George takes his responsibilities seriously, he is lighthearted and loves to have fun. He and his friends often use balls made of plastic bags and banana fibers to play football when they have downtime at school.

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Heart of Amazima: Meet Sylvia

April 20 2015 -

Playful. Kind. Humble. Funny. Leader.

These are a few words that come to mind when we think of Sylvia. Sylvia is 6-years-old, but her dreams are big, selfless, and not-so-ordinary, much like her. Someday she would like to be a caterer so she can prepare food for her family and, “be in charge of a kitchen.”

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