The Amazima School

The Amazima School - Day One!

February 14 2017 -

The sky was painted with a mixture of sunrise rays and fog that had settled throughout the valley. A peace took over the land, one that you couldn’t help but notice. It was apparent that after years of preparation, the first to show up on the opening day of the The Amazima School was The Holy Spirit. The day was finally here.

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Thank You, Paragon Marketing!

November 09 2016 -

A few months ago, Paragon Marketing decided they wanted to invest in the first class of students at The Amazima School. And they didn’t just want to write a check. They wanted to participate. They wanted to do something.

So what did they do? The Paragon Marketing staff spent hours filling 75 BACKPACKS with school supplies, toiletries, and other items our students will need come February. These backpacks are now in a container on their way to Uganda and should arrive just in time for our first day of classes at The Amazima School.

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Oh Death, Where Is Your Sting?

March 25 2016 -

This week our staff invited all of the construction workers at The Amazima School to join us for an Easter celebration on their break. We offered them shade from the sun, a delicious meal, and then shared why… why the celebration?

For a few brief moments, 205 construction workers gave us their attention as we shared the good news. Holy moments, that’s what these are.

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The Amazima School Update

January 11 2016 -

What was once intangible has become so real to us. We see progress on The Amazima School every day, and we can’t help but imagine a handful of Uganda’s youth standing on these same cement blocks a year from now. Be sure to visit for job openings, updates, and more information!

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Hope Is in the Air

July 14 2015 -

On Monday, July 13, 2015, we broke ground on The Amazima School. Hope was in the air as we gathered with our team, our friends, and partners of Amazima. We struck the ground with our shovels, and it was no small act. Hours of planning, praying, and counting the cost brought us to this moment. Prospective students watched with wonder in their eyes. And then they dug shovels into the ground, too, because this… this is for them. They represent the future of Uganda, and we are committed to equip them with the tools they need to bring glory to Christ and influence their nation.

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