Amazima’s Facebook Pages

January 02 2016 -

On Monday, December 28, both Amazima’s Facebook page and Katie Davis’s Facebook page were maliciously hacked. Until this morning, we were not able to access our pages as a result. After many long hours, our case was submitted to Facebook’s legal team, and our pages were restored shortly after. We truly thank God for resolving this issue, and will continue to monitor our pages and all of Amazima’s systems. As a precautionary, we will wait until early next week to give an official all-clear for our Facebook pages. Additionally, please note that this hack was isolated to Facebook, and no other systems connected to Amazima were effected.

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10 Inspiring Missions Quotes

October 12 2015 -

Whether overseas or in our own backyards, we’re all called to be missionaries. We hope these quotes encourage, inspire, and compel you on towards the mission God has given you for the advancement of His gospel, His kingdom, and His glory.


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5 Creative Ways You Can Partner With Us

July 31 2015 -

At Amazima Ministries, we hold tight to the belief that we are all in this together. There is no us and them or you and us. You’re on a team made up of thousands of others across the world who share the same mission and vision for the people of Uganda.

If you’re reading this, it’s because you heard about our story, and you wanted to be a part of it. Whether you’ve given $1, $10, or $1,000’s, you are #TeamAmazima – a participant in the work God is doing in Jinja, Uganda. There are many ways to partner with us in ministry, and in the coming months we’re going to share more about what it means to be on #TeamAmazima. For now, we thought we’d share five creative ways (inspired by some of our teammates) you can partner with us, and invite others into what God is doing in and through Amazima Ministries.

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5 Things I Learned When I Visited Uganda

June 01 2015 -

by Brittney Meyer, Amazima Stateside Social Media Coordinator

​ 1. Always say hello.

I walked into our office there quite a few times before I got the memo, this memo: around here (there), people are more important than tasks. I don’t know about you, but the “I’m-in-a-rush-so-don’t-ask-me-how-I’m-doing-surely-you-understand” kind of hello is pretty high up there in my vocabulary. That kind of hello is generally culturally acceptable in the US, but in Uganda… it is a big no-no.

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#TeamAmazima: Succulents Can Change Lives

May 04 2015 -

A 14-year-old named Georgia is selling succulents, eye-catching plants that require minimal care, to raise support for Amazima.

When Georgia heard about Katie’s story and Amazima’s mission, she set out to help us accomplish our mission… from Australia. A few weeks ago she let us know she’d be selling succulents at her church, and actually asked if we would be ok with that. Our answer? OF COURSE. We were so excited when Georgia let us know she’d sold 40 succulents as of last Sunday!

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