Share the Story

We love stories. We love the story God has given Amazima. We love the story God has given you. Toward the bottom of this page there is a form where you can share your story.

Share Amazima’s Story

Here are some ways you can help tell the Amazima story.

1. Give A Book

Give someone a copy of one of Katie’s books, Kisses From Katie or Daring To Hope. God has used Katie’s story to impact lives around the world. You will never know how handing a friend, a colleague, or a student one of these books could change their life and eternity.

2. Subscribe, Follow, Engage.

Follow us on social media, subscribe to our newsletter, and ENGAGE WITH US. We love to hear from you!

3. Purchase Handmade Jewelry

Purchase some jewelry created by the beautiful women of Masese and give it away with an explanation about Amazima. The jewelry is a great way to start a significant conversation.

Share Your Story

As God impacts your life, or those around you, we would love for you to share your Amazima story with us!

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