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Ekisa Ministries Special Education Director

Jinja, Uganda
The Amazima School is partnering with Ekisa Ministries to find a Special Education Director for Ekisa Ministries in Uganda.


The Education Director will take overall responsibility for
the day-to-day running of Ekisa Academy, including the management of all Teachers and
Teaching Assistants, and the oversight of all facilities and equipment. From day to day, she/he will ensure that Ekisa Academy provides a safe, welcoming, and engaging learning environment for all its students, and that the teaching team have the necessary skills and resources to help each child reach their full potential. This role will also include directing the vision of the school as it expands and develops.

Essential functions and responsibilities


  • Manage the budget for Ekisa Academy to ensure that the teaching team have the equipment and resources needed to fulfill their roles
  • Oversee the school building and facilitate any repairs or renovations, as needed
  • Interview candidates for vacant positions within the teaching team and provide or facilitate induction training (Ekisa 1.0)
  • Write school schedules in collaboration with other Managers (Therapy Manager, Child Development Director) to ensure that each child has a balanced schedule and access to the education, therapy, and support that they need to reach their full potential
  • Coordinate volunteers to ensure that their skills will be best utilized
  • Facilitate regular teaching team meetings throughout the term including team building exercises and professional development

Management of Teachers

  • Regularly carry out lesson observations for all teachers and provide constructive feedback
  • Offer support and provide advice to teachers on all areas of classroom management
  • Ensure that all teachers stay up to date with plans and assessments for their classes
  • Collect and store information in a secure manner (e.g., admission forms, IEPs, attendance records, assessment data, etc.)

Management of Teaching Assistants:

  • Provide initial and on-going training for teaching assistants
  • Alongside the class teachers, evaluate the performance of teachings assistant and give constructive feedback for improvements
  • Schedule training and holiday school during breaks

Management of School-Liaison Officer

  • Support the School Liaison Officer in their role of working with the parents
  • Attend Parent Teacher Meetings
  • Receive updates from the Parent Teacher Association and pass along useful information to the Leadership Team during meetings

Management of Buses and Bus Drivers

  • Make regular checks to ensure that the bus is road-worthy and bus drivers have up-to-date licenses
  • Mediate issues that may occur between parents and bus drivers
  • Make yearly reevaluations of bus routes

Big Picture

  • Provide leadership, vision, and motivation to the teaching team at Ekisa Academy.
  • Develop the curriculum and assessment tools used by the teachers and make adjustments or changes where necessary.
  • Maintain high standards and up-to-date practices in the teaching and care of students with special needs
  • Maintain a child-centered approach to teaching within the school
  • Facilitate training and professional development for teachers and teaching assistants
  • Encourage parental involvement with school through special events, the Parent Teacher Association, and termly parent meetings
  • Participate in Ekisa Management Team Meetings as an advocate for the school while contributing to the overall vision and mission of the organization

Necessary Skills

  • Servant leadership, able to lead holistically and help staff develop
  • Highly organized and detail-orientated
  • Good communication and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to respond and assist during emergencies
  • Strong leadership and social skills and the ability to relate to people from different situations (e.g., social workers, expatriate staff, local teaching assistants, and parents)
  • A proficient understanding of accounting and financial tracking and management
  • An ideal team player: humble, hungry, and people-smart
  • Ability to maintain a high level of accuracy and confidentiality
  • Computer skills including: Office and Google Suite
  • High level of integrity

Minimum requirements

  • Experience working with children with a range of additional needs
  • Management experience, preferably within a school setting
  • A degree or equivalent qualification in a relevant field
  • Behave both in professional and private life that is exemplary and aligned with the Ekisa Ministries Code of Conduct
  • Minimum 3-year commitment

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