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Science Teacher

Jinja, Uganda
We have an immediate need for a Secondary School Science Teacher.


Under the reasonable direction of The Amazima School – Secondary (TAS-S) Head Teacher, carry out the professional duties of a school teacher as set out in the associated Policy and Procedure Manuals. The teacher is to raise the standards of student attainment and achievement within your subject area, and monitor and support student progress.


  • Must be a committed Christian who is in full agreement with the Statement of Faith of The Amazima School.
  • Professional and personal references must demonstrate observed manifestation of godly character and spiritual maturity.
  • Must be committed to the mission of The Amazima School.
  • Willing to make a minimum two year commitment.
  • Must have a teaching license in your specific subject/grade level, or equatable qualifications.
  • Preferred experience living or working in a third world country.
  • Classical, Christian teaching experience preferred.
  • If married, candidate’s marriage and parenting must demonstrate Christian character and maturity.

Duties and Responsibilities

Teaching Responsibilities

  • To teach your subject(s) to groups of students from Amazima Transition year through S6.
  • To ensure that all lessons are planned with clear aims and objectives.
  • To ensure that all lessons are delivered in line with the departmental schemes of work and school policies and in a classical manner.
  • To take into account the differing ability lessons of students and differentiate work accordingly.
  • Assist in development of curriculum
  • To encourage all students to be actively engaged in their own learning and in reviewing their progress against targets.
  • To ensure that all students are known by name and that the classroom atmosphere is positive at all times.
  • To encourage and foster intellectual curiosity.
  • To deal with inappropriate behavior quickly and effectively according to the school discipline policy.
  • To check that all subject matter is effectively communicated and understood by all groups of students.
  • To set appropriate tasks and challenges for homework according to the published timetable and ensure that it is regularly marked with constructive feedback.
  • To keep work areas tidy and organized to promote safety and learning
  • To attend scheduled meetings in the subject department and school.
  • To attend all role-relevant events including but not limited to; Reporting Days, Visitation Days, field trips, etc.
  • To work with colleagues to formulate plans which have coherence and relevance to the needs of the individual students and to the aims and objectives of The Amazima School.
  • To have general knowledge of computers and technology, and be familiar with technology resources such as; Google Drive, Google email, Microsoft Office, etc.
  • To keep up to date with safety issues
  • To ensure that all experiments and activities are safe and contribute directly to the educational objectives.


  • To continue your own professional development under the supervision of the Head Teacher
  • To set appropriate work for classes within your subject area during any periods of absence and make sure that the work is thoroughly reviewed on return.
  • To promote teamwork within the subject department.
  • To act as a positive mentor and role model and promote the classical and Biblical aims, values, and ethos of the school and uphold all rules and policies.
  • To carry out a share of supervisory duties which may be reasonably required by the Head Teacher.
  • To enforce the school’s behavior and uniform policies on daily basis.

Management Information

  • To ensure the maintenance of accurate and up-to-date information on all classes taught.
  • To identify and take appropriate action on issues arising from data, systems and reports. Produce reports for the department on assessment data, including examination data.
  • To ensure that attendance is taken and recorded daily.
  • To ensure that grades are updated and posted in a timely manner.
  • To keep careful records of student progress in line with departmental and school policy, communicating and consulting with Family Mentors, Parents/Guardians, and taking other appropriate actions as needed

Pastoral Responsibilities

  • To play an active role in the life of the student, acting as a godly mentor, and carry out all responsibilities linked with that role.
  • To contribute to the delivery of personal, social, spiritual, and health education.
  • To monitor student participation, demeanor, and attitude in class and ensure that follow-up procedures are put in place when necessary.

School Ethos

  • To play a part in the life of The Amazima School; to support its classical ethos and to encourage all students and staff to follow this example.
  • To actively promote the school’s policies at all times.
  • To comply with the School’s health and safety policies at all times.
  • To model the behavior of a godly professional at all times.

The job description may be changed by the Head Teacher to reflect or anticipate changes in the requirements of the position that are commensurate with the job title and subject area.

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