Special Projects

Primary School Pavers

“Paving” The Way to the Future!

Have you heard? Our beautiful, new Primary School opened earlier this year and the students and staff LOVE being on campus. We’ve waited a long time for these children to come together to learn, play, form relationships and get to know Jesus. We are constantly building and growing and construction is just about finished, but the Primary School campus still has one soft spot: our parking lot!

We are dealing with a “sticky” issue.

When students arrive in buses or when teachers and staff try to park their cars, it can be a muddy mess! On one recent excursion, a staff member cracked a piece of her vehicle when she hit a pothole. We need a solution!

Please consider helping us pave our parking lot with durable, beautiful pavers.

We need 40,000 pavers! At only $.31 each (installed), that’s $12,400.

100 Pavers

$ 30
  • List

322 Pavers

$ 100
  • List

1,612 Pavers

$ 500
  • List


$ ___
  • List


Thank You!
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