Education Sponsorship Outreach

Our Education Sponsorship Program is focused on providing the opportunity for children in the Buziika area to receive education, nutrition, medical care and discipleship that would otherwise not be available to them.

The burden of school fees is one that many parents and guardians in Uganda face. Many even drop their children off at orphanages – not because they were orphans, but because there they would be promised to attend school, eat three meals a day and receive medical care. We believe sponsorship allows us to help these families care for their children, while still allowing the children to stay in their families! We believe helping the poor is not something God asks His people to do, but rather what He instructs us to do. This conviction, along with our understanding of the importance of family and the burden of school fees, led Amazima Ministries to start our Education Sponsorship Outreach. If these children could not receive an education, they would grow up to live the same kind of lives their parents and grandparents were living – unable to secure a job and unable to send their own children to school, thus continuing the cycle of poverty. We knew that Amazima alone would not change this village, but educated children could.

Each child is assigned a mentor who is a trained social worker that monitors the child’s growth, makes sure all the child’s needs are met and builds an encouraging relationship with him or her. More importantly, we wish to share God’s love with these children and help disciple them in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

We started in 2008 by sponsoring ten children. That number soon grew to 40 and from 40 to 150 before the end of 2008. We currently sponsor over 700 children. These children now have the opportunity to attend school, receive an education and most importantly, learn more about Jesus Christ.

We invite our sponsored nursery and primary children to gather together at our land for Saturday Fellowship, where they worship and learn Biblical truths. We want these children to know life to the fullest in a relationship with Jesus here on earth and life everlasting with Him in heaven someday.

Every Saturday, our nursery and primary children gather at our land in Buziika for breakfast, worship, a bible story, lunch and hours of play time. After each child receives a hard-boiled egg for breakfast they are invited into the thatch-roof chapel to be led in enthusiastic worship and praise of our Savior. It is easy to feel God’s presence in our chapel, listening to the children’s voices loudly sing, with hands clapping and lifted high, while the drum is pounding in the background. Many of the children cannot contain their excitement, and soon they start to dance in their seats with large smiles on their faces. This scene that takes place in our chapel every week is one that shows us a glimpse of God’s beautiful plan of redemption. Our pastor shares a story from the Bible with the children. Our prayer for our sponsored children is that during this time they will listen intently to the words of truth spoken and respond by acting out this truth in love for the neighbors and the Lord.

The children are fed a heaping plate of chicken, rice, and beans and after their stomachs are filled, the children get a few hours to play with their many friends. They enjoy running and climbing on the playground, swing on the swings, playing soccer, jumping rope and throwing netball.

Saturday is a fun day when we can spend quality time with the children to build up trust and develop stronger relationships with them. Most importantly this is a day to thank and praise our Savior as the children learn more about who He is and how great His love is for each one of us!

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