Masese Nursery Outreach

150 eager children, dressed in their bright blue and yellow uniforms, walk up the hill to our Nursery Outreach everyday.

In February 2010, we launched the Masese Nursery Outreach, which is separate from our Education Sponsorship Outreach. The Masese Nursery Outreach is a free preschool and kindergarten program that’s open to any children in the Masese community. It provides the opportunity for healthy meals and quality education to children who might not otherwise afford schooling.

Our hope is that the Masese Nursery Outreach would draw children up the hill to an environment of learning, playing and growing instead of being allured to begging on the streets or picking through trash for their livelihood. Simultaneously, we hope to instill in these young ones as well as their parents, the value of education, as many do not understand its importance.

To help achieve this goal, Amazima covers teachers’ salaries, nursery uniforms, and all scholastic materials necessary to allow children from the community to attend Masese Co-Educational Primary School without paying any school fees.

Through our Nursery Outreach, students are equipped and prepared to enter primary school and continue their education. We are proud to have seen many of our nursery students continue on to primary school with a solid foundation in learning!