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Amazima Ministries is extremely blessed to have an incredible staff. An organization is only as strong as the people who are working toward the same purpose. Thankfully, we have a clear mission and some of the best people in the world.

Amazima is made up of eight staff members in the United States who serve the mission of the organization. In Uganda, Amazima is the home to nearly 150 staff members – the large majority of whom are native Ugandans. It is always our goal to provide jobs to Ugandans first, before Westerners, so they can support their families and their community.

Please pray for our staff as they work hard to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Executive Leadership

Katie Davis Majors

Founder & Chief Visionary

Doug Martin

Managing Director, U.S.

Mark Guthrie

UG Country Director, Headmaster – The Amazima School

Scholarship Program

This team is the face of Amazima Ministries to the community members and families impacted by our scholarship program. Mentors improve the quality of life of scholarshipped children by managing the social work aspects of Amazima‘s Scholarship Program. They minister to the communities we serve by modeling God‘s love.

Shana Penner

UG Assistant Country Director, Scholarship Program Director

Benard Mukama

Scholarship Program Manager

Rebeccah Khakasa

Scholarship Program Administrator

Geofrey Magala

Scholarship Program Mentor

Haba Cypriano

Scholarship Program Mentor

Richard Kalongo

Scholarship Program Mentor

Marion Nandera

Scholarship Program Mentor

Lisa Waigolo

Scholarship Program Mentor

Stephania Ayebale

Scholarship Program Mentor

Mildred Namaganda

Scholarship Program Mentor

Noel Mwebaza

Scholarship Program Mentor

Peter Emmanuel Wanjala

Scholarship Program Mentor

Trevor Kagoda

Scholarship Program Mentor


This group of wonderful staff keeps the Amazima Ministries programs functioning by fulfilling a variety of duties and being quick to lend a helping hand. Whether it is driving the bus or cooking a meal, we are thankful for their positive attitudes and devotion to their work.

Daniel Iya

Project Manager/Operations Director

JT King

Facilities Manager

Ismael Wandera

Building Maintenance Manager

Scott Tate

Assistant Facilities Manager

Lakana Ocen

Facility Attendant

Martin Ocen

Facility Attendant

Abraham Segujja

Facility Attendant

Joseph Okello

Facility Attendant

Francis Omoo

Facility Attendant

Edirisa Muyanja

Facility Attendant

Godfrey Makoha

Facility Attendant

Simon Peter Osangen

Facility Attendant

William Kalema

Facility Attendant

Denis Ochaya

Facility Attendant

Geofrey Opio

Facility Attendant

Merabu Logose

Head of Kitchen

Betty Achilo


Boazi Musinguzi


Brian Asiimwe


Suzan Nabatanzi


Micheal Otenge


Rose Musoke


Deborah Neumbe


Maria Kubaine Ssanja


Stephen Isabirye


Joan Maturu

Buziika Cook

Patrick Ouma

Operations Manager

Samuel Wandera

Farming God's Way Trainer

William Kayondo

Farm Assistant

Samuel Wancha

Farm Assistant

James Obedi

Farm Assistant

Trevor Mukisa

Farm Assistant

Andrew Wandera

Farm Manager

The Amazima School – Teaching Staff

Adria Tate

Head Teacher, History Teacher

Geoffrey Lwalanda

Deputy Head Teacher, History Teacher, Sports Director

Dustin Staples

Director of Studies/Assistant Campus Pastor

Steven Segane

Science Teacher & Asst. Sports Director

Solomon Tatwebwa

Science Teacher

Geofrey Kimera

Science Teacher

Laura Beth Weier

Science Teacher

Joanita Asianut

Language Development Teacher

Deogracious Siminyu

English/Literature Teacher

Daniel Isabirye

Campus Pastor, Bible Teacher

Bob Kalago

Bible Teacher

Stella Nsangi

Mathematics Teacher

Justus Nuwamanya

Mathematics Teacher

Sarah Nardi

Mathematics Teacher

Stephen Adoit

History/Geography Teacher

Noah Ssemakula

History Teacher

Erick Mugabi

ICT/Commerce Teacher

Honorine Tumukunde

French Teacher

Noah Owere

Agriculture Teacher

Gloria Fayida

Fine Arts Teacher

Heather Higginbotham


The Amazima Staff Children’s School (TASCS)

Ashley Staples

TASCS Principal/Teacher

Claire Amico

TASCS Teacher

Katerina Kern

TASCS Teacher

Rachel McClure

TASCS Teacher

Kirstin Vanada

TASCS Teacher

Rebecca Busikwa

Office Assistant

The Amazima School – Student Life

Kelly Miller

Dean of Student Life

Ruth Mwebaza Kato

Student Life Director

Theresa Akello

Family Mentor

Joe & Robin Booker

Family Mentors

Simon Masembe

Family Mentor

Jason & Kori Casey

Family Mentors

Jackie Ngabire

Family Mentor

Zach & Mackenzie Dalton

Family Mentors

Derick Kato

Family Mentor

Trey & Amanda Mack

Family Mentors

Amos Kasigwa

Family Mentor

Ben & Laura Douglass

Family Mentors

Bitijuma Nabukalu

Family Mentor

Denny & Sandra Thompson

Family Mentors

Brian Alinaitwe

Family Mentor

Neema Nera

Family Mentor

Grace Isabirye

Ministry Programming Coordinator

Stateside Team

The stateside team provides operational support for Amazima‘s programs and ministry. Their work is integral in connecting our donors with the programs they support. This team oversees scholarship, finances and donation processing, communications, donor development, prayer, and retail sales.

Derek Bell

Director of Partner Relations

Sarah Crane

Communications Manager

Erika Rogers

Finance & Administrative Manager

Jené Sarchet

Assistant Finance Manager

Kelli Reed

Partner Relations Manager

Amy Martin

Prayer and Volunteer Coordinator

Sarah Gerald

Ministry Assistant

Kahlie Calderon

Ministry Assistant

Medical Staff

This team compassionately treats minor to moderate medical complaints of children in our Scholarship Program and our Ugandan staff. Nurses closely monitor cases of particular concern and counsel their patients when no medical treatment is necessary.

Larissa Braun

Medical Director

Wasswa Yosam

Clinical Officer

Simon Jaromo


Agathur Atuzoore


Christine Kyomugisha Mukasa


Joseph Okello


Christine Aluka


Isaac Ibanda

Medical Administrator

Office Administration

Michael Pierce

Business Manager

Laura Sserunjogi Steele


Sarah Ibiara

Office Manager

Martha Nakale

School Adminstrator & Receptionist

Faith Taaka

Office Administrator

Isaac Okello

IT Manager

Danlyn Miller

Member Care Director

Alicia Shinska

Human Resources Manager

Keith Burgess

Director of School Partnerships


JP McLeod



Andrew Kasenene

Head of Transportation

Micheal Kyegombe


James Tumwesigye


Rashid Ssekitoleko


Security (Askaris)

This team of “askaris” provide protection to the people and property of Amazima Ministries. They routinely inspect the property for any suspicious activities and maintain the integrity of the compound by overseeing the entrance and exit of all persons.

Leny Jimmy Cosmas Ebil

Head of Security

Kauma Karoli

Night Askari

Deborah Amuge

Security Guard

Denish Omony

Security Guard

Joan Acen

Security Guard

Raphael Egwang

Security Guard

Sarah Kobusinge

Security Guard

Kevin Akot

Security Guard

Neume Awero

Security Guard

Peter Egalu

Security Guard

Kennedy Apale

Security Guard

Moses Acila

Security Guard

Micheal Oluka

Security Guard

Godfrey Kuchana

Security Guard

Joel Elasu

Security Guard

Alfonsio Ojwiya

Security Guard

Collins Agadra

Security Guard

Raulent Muhindo

Security Guard
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