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Primary School

The Amazima Primary School includes a nursery and full primary school, and is located on our land in Buziika, 10 minutes from our secondary school. 

Main Entrance & Parking

Welcome to our Buziika campus! On this campus, you will find The Amazima Primary School, Community Engagement offices, and our student and community serving clinic. From this main entrance you can see a covered gathering space for students and families, classrooms, and our administration buildings. This is the first property Katie purchased in the early days of Amazima.

Admin Buildings

These administration buildings provide office and meeting spaces for our Community Engagement team as well as our Primary School administrative staff.

Grass between the classrooms

This space between classrooms serves as a flexible space where students can meet. Before school and after classes, you will see students filling this space and playing in the shade of the big tree

Standing in the Circle

You are now joining a group of primary students with their teachers. When weather allows, this is a beautiful space for classes to gather.

Classroom 1

You now stand in the center of a standard classroom at The Amazima Primary School. These classrooms are designed to facilitate various subjects and typically have 20-24 students each. Generally, there are two classes of students for each grade. After the students graduate from P7 (basically 6th grade), they will move to our secondary campus a few miles away.

Classroom 2

A small group of students get some extra help on the letters of the alphabet. Our Primary School is resourced with aides and special education staff, allowing for opportunities for interventions like this throughout the academic day.

Classroom 3

Art class is a popular subject at The Amazima Primary School. Students love the opportunity to use their hands to create things! You see students work featured on the walls of the classroom.


The Amazima Primary School Library is often full of students exploring the world through books. It is uncommon in Uganda for a primary school to have such a well-equipped library and for students to have regular access to books. When offered the choice of library time or recess, many of our students choose library time!


Students love any opportunity to play on the playground! Throughout the day, students have opportunities to come to the playground and the soccer field nearby in order to play and get exercise.

End of the Day

It’s the end of the school day! Students excitedly walk out of classes down the hill. They often play on campus before walking or catching a bus ride home.

Secondary School Tour

See the classrooms, sports fields, auditorium and more.

Front Entry Gate

Welcome to The Amazima Secondary School! The Front Entry Gate and its security staff greets you as you arrive at the campus and ensure all guests check-in. This security is key to ensuring students and staff are safe while on campus.

Main Entrance

The Main Entrance is the first impression of our secondary campus. Ahead is the Administration Block with offices, teacher work space, and our clinic. The students pictured are walking to the kitchen with their plates for breakfast, which might consist of porridge or hardboiled eggs.


Our Reception Area with doors into the teacher work space and the administration building. This is an area where guests are welcomed by our office staff. Past the reception desk, you will see stairs lit up by sunlight leading up to the classroom buildings.

Computer Classroom

You are standing at the front of a Computer Lab in an Internet, Computer, and Technology (ICT) class. Our secondary campus has two computer labs with 25 computers each, ensuring students get regular access to computers for research and word processing.


The Library is a beautiful, sunlit space that creates the perfect environment for study and group work. Students love coming to the library after school or between classes to check out books or work with classmates. In many schools in Uganda, students are not allowed to check out books to read at home.


You are sitting in the middle of Math class in a standard classroom at The Amazima Secondary School. Classes typically have 24 students sitting at tables, to allow for more collaboration and group work. Most of our teachers are Ugandan, but we also have some foreign national teachers who collaborate and bring another perspective and experience to our students’ experience. You will notice large bamboo doors and abundant ventilation, there is no air conditioning on our campus, so classes are designed for maximum air flow.

Science Classroom

Now you are in the middle of the Science Lab, where students are conducting a Chemistry experiment. The lab is equipped with all the necessary safety equipment, a gas line, sinks, and plenty of storage for all the needed materials for our Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Agriculture classes. At the front of the class, the teacher demonstrates the experiment to his students.


Students love the kitchen! This is where they come for all meals and snacks throughout the day. The kitchen staff prepares meals over wood fires, often beginning their preparation hours before meals are served. A typical meal here is rice, beans, and cabbage, but students get particularly excited when chicken is on the menu!


You are now standing on one of many walkways on our secondary campus. As you can see, the campus is beautiful, with green grass and professional landscaping throughout. Students and staff do an excellent job of caring for our campus and keeping it beautiful!

House Room

This is a standard room for students at The Amazima Secondary School. Typically, these rooms have three to four students living in them. Each of our houses on campus has four of these student rooms as well as an apartment where the Student Life mentor couple lives. There are four houses per grade, so 24 student homes in total. Boy and Girl houses are on opposite sides of campus!

House Veranda

This is the Priscilla House. Each of our on-campus houses is given a name from Scripture. Each house has a veranda, where students of that house gather for devotions, homework, and game time. After school and on the weekends, these verandas come alive with activity!

House Living Space

This is the living space of our Student Life mentor couples. Each student house has an apartment with a kitchen, living-space, bathroom, and two bedrooms for the couple leading that house. Our Student Life mentor couples consist of both Ugandans and foreign internationals.

Soccer Field

Soccer is huge in Uganda! Our soccer team gathers after school to train for their upcoming match. On game day, the field is lined with students and staff cheering on The Amazima School lions.

Field House

We have several fields on campus to accommodate all students. You can see students playing soccer, handball, and frisbee. In the back, the shipping container has been repurposed to serve as a storage area and changing rooms for athletes.

Basketball Court

Basketball is growing in popularity in Uganda. These outdoor courts are where basketball practices and games occur. We play teams from inside our region and beyond- sometimes in national tournaments.

Overlooking Courts

Our fields and courts are at the center of the secondary school campus. These spaces are full of activity after school and during the weekends! Students love playing volleyball, soccer, handball, netball, and basketball. They especially love taking on faculty and staff!

Overlooking Field

Our fields and courts are at the center of the secondary school campus. These spaces are full of activity after school and during the weekends! Students love playing volleyball, soccer, handball, netball, and basketball.

Student Auditorium

You now stand at the front of “The Rock”, our chapel, auditorium and gathering space for students and staff. Currently, our students are being led in worship by Student Life staff. Students gather in this space for school assemblies, worship nights, job and science fairs, and performances and movie nights. The back of “The Rock” also serves as an area for students and staff to gather for meals. Once each semester, the families of our students join us at “The Rock” for visitation day- some of the most joyous days of the year!

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