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A Story for the Books

Muzafalu is small but his personality is big. He comes to the land every Saturday, accompanied by his older brothers and sisters. He is sure to greet everyone along his way and he loves to be hugged and held. One day, everyone was concerned about where Muzafalu was. He did not show up to school and nobody seemed to know his whereabouts.

Finally when someone found him, they inquired as to why he did not attend school that day. “But I did attend school!” he protested. When his mentor pointed out that she had spoken to his teacher who confirmed he was missing, he explained that he got lost and couldn’t remember where his school was located, but that he did, in fact, attend a school. His mentor, a bit confused, then pieced together that Muzafalu had grown tired of searching for his own school and simply joined the nearest one. We all had a good laugh about little Muzafalu, determined to go to class but at a loss of how to get there, joining a completely random school for the day. How is that for commitment?

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