Better Together


It’s rare to find these sisters apart from each other. At ages 13 and 14, Noelia and Angela have walked a hard road—together.

For most of their lives, they lived alone with their great grandmother who is blind. While most children have a guardian that cares for them, Noelia and Angela ended up being the caretaker for theirs. They would spend their lunch breaks doing chores around the house because they couldn’t afford lunch at school, and this routine eventually began to take a toll on them. Something had to change.

When someone on staff learned about Noeila and Angela’s unique situation, the girls were immediately recommended for Amazima’s Sponsorship Outreach. For the first time in years, the girls had the opportunity be kids again—not caretakers, providers, or young adults. Soon after they were sponsored, another relative moved in to help take care of their great grandmother and carry the weight.

Today the girls are able to focus on studies and even dream about their career paths. It doesn’t surprise us that these sisters want to dedicate their careers to taking care of others through the medical field. Every child that enters our program has a different story, but there’s one common thread through them all: God’s love and faithfulness for His children.

Thanks to our sponsors across the world who are willing to be used as vessels in the lives of hundreds of children like Noeila and Angela.

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