Christ Our Healer


Five days a week, he learns in a classroom surrounded by students who are five years younger than him. Is he ashamed to be the oldest by far? One would think so, but Musoke is just grateful to be alive.

It has been a long and heartbreaking journey for our 11-year-old friend. When he was just one year old, his mother passed away from HIV. His father, Kato, knew he had to do whatever he could to take care of both Musoke and himself since they, too, had HIV. Many who suffer from this disease feel like their lives are a lost cause; Musoke and his father believed otherwise.

In 2012, Musoke and Kato were introduced to Katie (some of you may remember reading about this in her blog). It was evident that Musoke was on the brink of death, and she felt called to help this family however she could. So she invited them to live on her property and kept a close eye on them, offering to help take care of their medical costs, teaching them to take their medicine regularly and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“I didn’t think he was going to survive at my house, his condition was so bad but the transformation after six months was incredible.”

Fast forward four years, and today Musoke is a healthy and proud member of Amazima’s sponsorship outreach. His story has surprised us all, and has caused the faith of many in our community to grow stronger. When asked how Jesus has been a part of his story, Musoke shares in his soft-spoken tone,

“Jesus is the healer.”

Tragically, one year ago Musoke’s story was met with more hardship when he lost his father to HIV. For so long it was Musoke and his father, now it is only Musoke. “I think of my father often. I am sorrowful that he is no longer here on earth. One of my favorite things to do with him was eat food. He used to cook me my favorite meal, rice and fish. I haven’t had that since he passed away.”

Musoke now lives with his father’s sister and her family. His extended family loves him well and reminds him of God’s healing power and promise of redemption. They frequently recall what God did for Musoke, and share pictures of him when he was at his worst physical state. Our staff watches Musoke on Saturdays as he plays on the swings, and laughs with his best friends Konde and Sawa. What strength God has given him. He tells us about his dream of being a driver and owning a green Toyoda Prado when he grows up, and we can’t help but smile.

“I am so grateful for Amazima. They have provided me family, friends, education, food and especially medical treatment. Every Saturday I worship Jesus and thank Him for His healing power. “

As Easter nears, we think of children like Musoke who God has brought to Amazima. We think of you, too, on the other side of this screen. What brings us all together is the power of Christ’s resurrection, and the hope we have because of it. May our eyes continue to be opened to life happening all around us because of Christ’s death. To God be the glory!

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