Daring to Hope Book Tour Highlights


Daring to Hope, Katie’s second book, is an invitation to cling to the God of the impossible—the God who whispers His love to us in the quiet, in the mundane, when our prayers are not answered the way we want or the miracle doesn’t come. It’s about a mother discovering the extraordinary strength it takes to be ordinary. It’s about choosing faith no matter the circumstance and about encountering God’s goodness in the least expected places.

Journey into Katie’s heart behind #DaringtoHopeBook as you watch and read highlights from her two-week tour in the states!

Justice & the Inner Life with Katie Davis Majors
Life Today with James & Betty Robison: Hope In The Hardship
LifeToday with James & Betty Robison: Mack’s Miracle
Katie on the TODAY Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda
Katie on The 700 Club
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