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Since the beginning, the Masese Women’s Beading Circle has been close to Katie’s heart. Every week, she meets with the same group of women to fellowship, study the Bible, and to purchase the jewelry they’ve been working on all week. We then turn around and sell their jewelry on Amazima’s website. This is their form of income and quality of life has dramatically improved for these women and their families because of participation in the beading program.

We love getting the shipments of jewelry in. We love knowing that we, the stateside team, can touch beads that have been in the hands of women that are so close to God’s heart, and ours.

These beads are precious to us.

Because each piece of jewelry is handmade, we naturally receive necklaces and bracelets that we aren’t able to sell because of defects. When we come across a product that doesn’t meet standards, we unstring the jewelry, keep the beads that are usable, and toss the ones that aren’t. Over time, our collection of loose beads has grown. We knew that we couldn’t throw the beads away, but beyond that, we weren’t sure what purpose they could serve.

But God always has a purpose for things (and people) that seem purposeless, even hundreds of loose beads.

We would like to introduce you to El Shaddai, our latest vocational initiative. El Shaddai is a hispanic church that meets a few miles down the road from our stateside office outside of Nashville, TN. Around 13 women from El Shaddai have been using the extra loose beads, once stockpiled in our office, to make earrings. These earrings are now available on our store!

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