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Lillian’s Story

Lillian is one of the original members of the Amazima Beading Circle in Masese. She is married and is the mother of four children. Her smile lights up a room. She has a tender heart and loves those around her.

Lillian remembers the time before the group began as a time with so many problems. She and her children were picking through trash bins trying to find anything they could that might be of use. She remembers picking out pieces of charcoal and small, nearly rotten potatoes just so she could have something to feed her children.

Things are now drastically different for Lillian and 33 other women in her community after years of hard work and commitment.

Lillian looks forward to the weekly group meeting of the Beading Circle. The meeting always starts with a Bible study with lots of questions and discussion, followed by a time to share praises and prayer requests. A time of prayer is always a beautiful culmination of many voices speaking many different languages lifting cries and praise to the Father. What a picture of heaven!

The following is a story written by Lillian as she shares about her experience in the group:

In the group, we share about the Bible, then we share prayer requests and praises. We have a mixed group of women. There are those who are not believing, but they are changing and God is working. Some used to struggle with addictions. There are others who fell into unhealthy ways of supporting their families. But now, even those people have changed. This work is providing for our needs.

My favorite thing about the group is that we are able to provide for our families. I have even built a house from the income I received, and I really praise God for that.

Now, for me, in this work I have learned so much. When we get together and share our problems, we get strength from one another. Our work is not heavy because we have strength together. I love God so much because He is my Creator and knows all my ways. I think it is in John that it says, “In the beginning there was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” This gives me strength. I trust God, I pray to Him and I think about Him in those hard times. The One who helped me last time in my problems will help me this time.

Lillian is making a difference—and not just for her family, either. The extra proceeds for all beading sales fund a Feeding Program in the community of Masese that provides lunch for 1,200 community children daily! For many families, this is the biggest meal their children eat all day, and it has drastically reduced the cases of malnutrition and starvation seen in the community. The women are proud of the fact that their hard work not only provides for their own families, but for their community as well. We are so blessed to be able to stand alongside these women as they change their community for Jesus!

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