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When you have unshakable faith that you just can’t keep quiet about, it’s important where you show up to work every day. To be able to share the love of Jesus with those you are surrounded by in and out of the office is one of the most incredible blessings. Geofrey Magala is one of our Scholarship Program Mentors who lives this way each and every day.

Geofrey has been a Mentor with Amazima Ministries for the last four years.  In those four years he says, “My faith has grown, because Amazima provides that opportunity for everyone they are involved with. I must say I have transformed and everyone in my life has noticed as well.”

How has Geofrey been transformed, you ask?

“I don’t keep the love of Jesus to myself. I share it with everyone I meet.”

As a Scholarship Mentor, you can often find Geofrey engaging with families, discipling them as a whole: the guardians, the students, and the community at large. He knows it is not only beneficial to serve our students, but also the community surrounding them, working closely with those living alongside them. As a part of Amazima, Geofrey and his colleagues do this through home visits, bible studies, farming outreach, monthly devotions, and community outreach.

Geofrey’s favorite moments in his role are when he’s able to invest in his students through one-on-one time. Most of these children have built up walls over the years due to the difficult circumstances they have faced growing up.  To see them be vulnerable and allow someone to mentor them is always a big win for our staff and an indicator of God working in their hearts.  That’s why Geofrey continues to persevere with patience.

“The hardest moments are when I work alongside a family and am hoping for radical changes, but they don’t happen in the time I desire. I know in those situations that God has the most perfect time so I will not grow weary. I pray, fast, and continue to show up just like Jesus does for every one of His children.”

Geofrey’s work is planting seeds. He knows that he might not witness the results in his lifetime, but to do God’s work is what he desires.

“My biggest hope is that the kids practice the love that we are teaching them today. Love is practical. I want these families to be transformed. That they [would] love Jesus. I pray they are all God fearing. I pray these children are a God-fearing generation that changes the trajectory of the Ugandan government.”

Amazima Ministries is not just an operational organization – it’s relational.  As Geofrey reflects, “It really is so special to truly be aligned with the mission and vision of an organization. All I want out of life is to inspire the hopeless and portray the love of Jesus. Thank you, Amazima Ministries, for allowing me to walk out this mission and vision of my own life alongside yours.”

It is an honor to work with incredible mentors like Geofrey.  We are planting seeds for generations to come and future harvests truly would not exist without him and our other amazing mentor staff.

Give a gift today that will allow deeper investment in Ugandan families through our mentors, that all would know the deep love of Christ.  

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