Rosemary’s Dream


Imagine being so excited to learn that whenever you don’t understand something in class, you raise your hand. Your classmates laugh at you because, “there you go again” asking questions. But you don’t care. You want to learn. You want to understand everything being taught to you and not miss one thing.

That is Rosemary.

When Rosemary went to stay with a close relative, she sat at home while all of the other children in the family went to school. She watched them leave and come back more educated every single day. She envied their books, their uniforms…even their homework. That all changed last year when Amazima entered Rosemary’s life and offered to sponsor her school fees. Now Rosemary wakes up early, attends her studies, and works hard on her homework with a grateful heart.

Even though Rosemary struggles in her classes, her mentor and teachers take the time to help her as much as they can. One of the most beautiful characteristics of this young girl is her humility. Whether to an elder, family, or friends at school, she never hesitates to reach out when she is need of help. This determination shows us that for Rosemary, the sky is the limit. When we asked her what she wanted to be when she was older she answered, “I wanted to be a nurse, but just recently I changed my mind. I want to be a doctor.”

Because of our partners, Amazima has been able to make Rosemary’s dream of receiving an education come true, and in so doing, she’s now able to dream new dreams… like becoming a doctor. When you think of Amazima, we hope you think of individuals like Rosemary, whose heart and life has been transformed. To God be the glory!

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