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Meet Sharon. She enjoys singing in her church choir and dreams of being an accountant.

It is our dream to not only see Sharon’s dreams come true, but also to see God’s dreams for Sharon come true. We want to give Sharon a quality education that is intertwined with discipleship. We want to equip Sharon to be an accountant, and also a follower of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Sharon has been in our Amazima Scholarship Program program since 2007. Every year, our team watches Sharon grow physically, academically, and spiritually. She has never repeated a grade level and she continually scores high in all of her classes. She is deeply involved in her church where she leads worship and teaches Bible to young children. Perhaps most importantly, Sharon’s mentor has witnessed Sharon’s prayer life as it’s grown and matured beautifully.

Sharon is a testament of what can happen when a child sees the opportunity and possibility that lies before them in our sponsorship program.

Someday soon, Sharon will graduate from primary school. When students graduate from primary school, they continue on to secondary school (boarding school). The process of entering secondary school is extremely stressful for them. They worry about getting accepted to their school of choice, being separated from friends because of test scores, and leaving everything they’ve known behind. There are a number of secondary schools that Amazima has selected to send our children to. We try our best to pick schools that can provide our children with a solid education without asking them to compromise their religious orientation. However, at the end of the day, most secondary schools in Uganda suffer from programs that lack practical education and environments/rundown buildings that aren’t conducive to learning. There are also many negative influences at public secondary schools in Uganda. With students being away from their families, mentors, and religious support groups, these influences have the potential to sway them from their faith. Furthermore, even many Christian secondary schools in Uganda have failed in their commitment to teach students about Christ. This is a great concern of not only ours, but Sharon’s.

We asked Sharon to dream big and list some things she would like to see in a secondary school. Here are some of her thoughts:

  • Clean modern bathrooms and toilets
  • Clean drinking water
  • Committed and well-trained teachers
  • A church building where students can have organized services and devotions
  • Large open areas for her and friends to play and coordinate extra curricular activities
  • A well stocked medical room so that sick students can be cared for
  • A well organized library, a computer lab with working computers, and a large main hall for activities and assemblies

We hope that someday, we can provide these things for Sharon. We also hope that someday we can watch Sharon thrive at a school where classroom sizes are purposefully kept small so that students can receive the attention they want and need. We hope that someday we can watch as Sharon develops her practical skills and relationship with God all under the same roof.

And maybe, someday isn’t so far away.

Amazima Secondary School will be a safe environment for students to learn in, a place where they can come to know the word of God through Bible studies, discipleship, and events. One such event being a Sunday worship service, where Sharon and her entire family would be invited to worship together alongside other students and their families. We also believe that Amazima Secondary School will lessen the stress for students by enabling them to live closer to home so that they can have access to their families, mentors, and support from Amazima. Students will have a choice of either living at Amazima Secondary School, close to Buziika village where most students are from, or at home.

At Amazima Secondary School, Sharon will be viewed as a person first, a student second, and never as a number.

Sharon needs this school, and we need you. Let’s build her future together.

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