Tragedy Redeemed


“If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would it be?” “I would like to go to the London Eye… The biggest city on an island, New York City, The White House in Washington DC, places of biblical history in Israel, Mt. Everest to climb, the Amazon forest, Egypt, South Africa…. but mostly I want to see more of Uganda. I love my country.”

Sitting with Erifazi, 24, is like taking a trip around the world in a hot air balloon fueled on passion, gratitude and dreams. Erifazi is currently studying tourism at an institute and has goals of starting his own travel company in the spring of 2016 when he graduates. One may ask where this young man’s spirit of adventure comes from and it all started with a tragic accident when he was just six years old.

One day after school, Erifazi and his brothers were on their way to visit their mother at work. Preparing food at a local restaurant and stopping by when they were done with their studies was part of their afternoon routine. As they were crossing a busy street, Erifazi was left behind and ended up crossing at a bad time. A car hit him, which resulted in him losing part of his left leg. While this loss could have defined him, especially at such a young age, Erifazi never let it slow him down.

“An inability does not mean a disability.” Through this experience, Erifazi continues to share that everything happens for a reason and he believes there is a reason that God wrote that part of his story. Looking back, he realizes it has made him stronger. His whole life he has seen fellow amputees on the street and knew he never wanted to beg for a living like they did. Just because he was missing part of his leg didn’t mean he couldn’t work hard to make his dreams come true.

“God makes a way where there seems to be nowhere to go,” Erifazi shared as he rolled up his pant leg to show off the prosthetic leg Amazima was able to provide for him.

“Amazima has done many things and I thank God for that. This is my home away from home. I never had the hope of studying but thanks to Amazima, I can pursue studying travel and business; two things I am really passionate about.”

While Erifazi may look at a map and see an array of beautiful adventures, Uganda is the place he wants to explore more than anything. He is passionate about his culture and wants to share everything he loves about his country with people who are visiting from around the world.

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