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Triple the Love

As their mother diligently cleans the compound and keeps the nurse’s office spic and span, these three little cuties are never far out of site. They love to come sneaking into the nurse’s office to great our Musauo (nurse), and to see if anyone has a treat they are willing to share.

Their story is one similar to many sponsor children in Amazima, but thankfully now with a little extra support, their hard working mother is able to rest assured knowing that her children will be able to go to school and be counseled in the way of Christ!

We are so thankful for these little ones and for their mother, Juliet Nolongo. She is a kind a gentle spirit who is hard working and self-sacrificing. We always stand in awe of God’s redemptive hand that fits our needs as a ministry with the needs of those around us. We love being able to offer employment to those close to us. They always bless us ten fold in return!

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