A Life Changed


Most 13-year-olds are bursting at the seams with energy. They sit through class, impatiently waiting for the clock to strike freedom so they can go do what boys do: anything that requires physical activity or being outside.

But Patrick’s experience wasn’t like most 13-year-old’s. Soon after joining our program in 2012, he was struck with debilitating abdominal pain, resulting in countless hospital visits and sick days at school. After two years of no answers, the cause of his pain was finally determined and doctors told Patrick’s mom that surgery was his only hope. While any hope was music to his mother’s ears, in Patrick’s mind surgery signified the opposite of hope. It signified death.

“I thought when you go under for an operation you die. My mentor explained that not everyone who gets operated on dies, he said to have faith. Now I know that operation does not cause death.”

For 13 long hours, Patrick’s mother and Amazima’s nurse Anne Mary sat in the waiting room as doctors worked to untie his intestines. For 13 long hours, they hoped and prayed that Patrick could experience life again as a healthy teenager. Finally, the doctor emerged to let them know he was in recovery, and all seemed to be well. After a long wait and three days in ICU, Patrick’s surgery proved to be successful.

“I am thankful for my mom, as she took me to the hospital so many times, even when village members told her to take me to the witch doctor.”

Today Patrick is almost fully recovered, and we give all glory to God for the provision he received through Amazima’s sponsors. During the two years he was in continual pain, his mentor was able to keep him caught up on schoolwork, and Amazima was able to cover the costs of his hospital visits and surgery.

“When I became sick, I thought God had left me. Now I understand that God has not forgotten me, and I learned that this is all in His (God’s) time.”

We do what we do for hundreds, if not thousands, of reasons… most of those reasons have a face and a name. When you think of Amazima, we want you to think of children like Patrick Egesa, whose life is forever changed.

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