Amazima Ministries was founded by Katie Davis in 2008. The organization feeds, educates, and encourages the orphaned, poor, and vulnerable in the country of Uganda while maintaining a support staff in Franklin, TN. In Luganda, the local language in Uganda, Amazima (ah-mah-zee-mah) means “truth.” Amazima Ministries desires to reveal the truth of God's unconditional love through Jesus Christ to the people of Uganda.

We show our love for God by obeying His command to care for the least of His people and take His Gospel to the ends of the earth.

Every outreach program of Amazima Ministries, whether education sponsorship, feeding, vocational assistance, or community outreach, is accompanied with Biblical teaching and spiritual encouragement. We know that nourishing the physical needs of these people is not the ultimate goal. We long to see them fed spiritually and restored into the right relationship with God.

This video features a number of Amazima's programs in Uganda

Amazima ministers to the Ugandan people through:

Education Sponsorship: Currently, Amazima sends over 600 orphaned and vulnerable children to a Christian school through an education sponsorship program. These children receive three meals a day, school supplies, medical care, and spiritual discipleship. They learn about Jesus in school, and on Saturdays all the sponsored children come to the Amazima fellowship site for Bible study, worship, lunch and lots of playing. They are sent home with food and soap every Saturday to share with and encourage their families.

For families of students in our sponsorship program, Amazima also provides ongoing physical, emotional and spiritual support throughout the year. This support can range from medical assistance, to vocational training, and beyond.

Masese Outreach: Amazima Ministries provides a feeding program at Masese Co-Educational Primary School, which was founded in 1927. Masese Co-Educational Primary School is a government school, where children pay minimal school fees, making it fairly affordable to many of the families in the community. However, food for lunch was not being provided for the students or staff. Many children, seeing food as more important than school, were picking from the trash or begging on the streets to find food, instead of attending school. Seeing that they had an onsite kitchen that was not being utilized, Amazima Ministries made an agreement to use their current kitchen for a Feeding Program with the goals of drawing more children off of the streets and back into school while simultaneously relieving some of the hunger and malnutrition that was widespread in the community. Students from the school now get fed beans and posho (a type of flour made from maize) everyday out of this very kitchen. Along with feeding the students and staff at the school, the kitchen also feeds any children of the Masese community who are not enrolled at school.

Community Outreach: Amazima hosts Bible studies and worship services at the Amazima chapel on our property. We also plan to provide community classes, health training, gardening, and other activities so we can be a beacon of Christ's love to the community. In the village of Masese, Amazima is also establishing a presence where we hope to do more Bible studies, health training and gardening.

Throughout the week, Amazima Ministries provides the opportunity for members of the Masese community to receive medical assistance. Monday through Friday, Amazima Ministries has a social worker in the Masese community who assesses and monitors the medical needs that arise, including a number of HIV patients we work with in Masese. Some patients simply need to be counseled and encouraged to continue with treatment they are already receiving locally. Patients who require further medical assistance are transported to a local clinic or nearby hospital to receive care. All patients pay a small fee of 1,000 shillings (equivalent to about $0.37 USD) for medical treatment, while Amazima Ministries covers the remaining medical costs, which would usually be unaffordable. Charging this small fee prevents patients from taking advantage of the low cost medical care that Amazima Ministries offers and empowers them to feel responsible for taking care of themselves, while still allowing community members to receive treatment that they otherwise would not be able to afford.

Vocational Projects: Amazima is proud to partner with local Ugandans implementing self-sustaining vocational programs so the people can experience the joy and dignity of providing for their own families. The Ugandan bead necklace and bracelet program is one such initiative. The women from Masese make Ugandan bead necklaces and bracelets which Amazima purchases and sells in the United States. The money the women receive for their beads allows them to support their family and send their children to school. Additionally, the money from the sale of the necklaces and beads in the United States funds the daily feeding program for over 1200 students at the Masese school!
Amazima is dedicated to employing local Ugandans as staff members in the roles of mentors, cooks, farmers, social workers, and nurses. We also employ local workers for special building projects and skilled trades such as carpentry, masonry, plumbing, and mechanics.

Discipleship: Amazima fosters spiritual growth activities and Bible studies in the communities we serve. We are passionate about nourishing the spiritual needs of the community, not just the physical needs.

Photographs by: Kristin J. Photography & Joseph Terranova