A Boy and His Goat


Every year Amazima gives Christmas presents to all of the families of the sponsored students. In 2010, it was the special gift of a goat.

Most families saw this as an opportunity to enjoy a nice meal for the holiday or to sell the goat to provide some extra income for the family. Stewart on the other hand, decided to care for his goat!

In the last five years, Stewart, his auntie, and the four other children she’s raising have gone from caring for one goat to caring for 12. While it could be easy for them to gain extra income by selling the goats, they feel it is best to raise them strong and healthy instead. They know that if they are in a desperate situation one day, they have beautiful goats they can sell to help out. But for the time being, the goats are a part of the family.

When Stewart isn’t at school or taking care of chores and homework, you will find him taking care of his goats… most of the time with the youngest slung over his shoulders. Caring for these goats has brought Stewart so much joy and it truly is a gift that keeps on giving!

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