Staff Highlight: Say Hello to Haba


Did you know your partnership has allowed just over 60 Ugandans to join Amazima’s staff over the years? We believe hiring locally promotes substantiality, and ultimately allows Amazima’s work and ministry to be more effective. We sat down with one of our mentors recently, and what he had to say will inspire you.

His name is Haba, and he invests so much more than 8-hour workdays into the children of Amazima’s sponsorship program, and also other children in surrounding communities.

“Haba, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?”

We expected the same reply you might expect…. Playing games, reading books, spending time on the Internet.

But none of these were his response. In fact, Haba shared with us that he enjoys spending his free time at the children’s ward at the hospital. If it’s possible for one statement to sum up a person, Haba’s answer does just that.

To him, ministry is not a job; it’s a way of life.

Aside from visiting the children’s ward, Haba also spends time loving his wife and four children. He’s been with Amazima as a mentor and trained social worker for one year and seven months now, and when we asked him what he’s learned from his work at Amazima, he shared that, “God has shown me that I need to be with young children to help them through their youth. One of the best parts of working with Amazima is the encouragement to invest in these children’s lives and watch them grow and progress. I find family in the children and staff here at Amazima and for that I am very grateful. “

We’re so grateful for Amazima’s generous partners, who allow us not only to hire locally, but also to hire individuals who have a heart to glorify the Lord and love His children.

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