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Posho (also known as ugali in other parts of Africa) is a staple food in Uganda, and is eaten by Amazima’s staff and fed to the children we serve during the week. Posho is a mixture of maize flour (cornmeal) and water that takes on a porridge-like consistency. It is usually served with kidney beans, chicken or soup. We might not be able to bring you to Uganda, but we can bring a little bit of Uganda to you. Feel free to try it out!


  • 4 cups of finely ground maize flour (white corn flour)
  • 6 cups of water


  1. Pour water into pan and bring to boil. Slowly pour the maize flour into the boiling water while stirring constantly and vigorously to prevent lumps from forming.
  2. Continue stirring with a large wooden spoon and mash any lumps that may form to keep the posho smooth.
  3. Continue adding flour until the consistency of the posho is thicker than your typical mashed potatoes. Keep cooking and stirring constantly for about 4 minutes more, until the mixture is very thick and comes away from the sides of the pot and the maize flour no longer tastes raw. Serve immediately.
  4. Serve with your choice of beans and/or vegetables of your choice.

If you’re a more visual learner, we found this video (not affiliated with Amazima Ministries) that might be of help:

*This particular posho recipe was taken from the Kwagala Project

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