Helping Students Find Their God-Given Purpose

At Amazima, our heart is for our students to discover their God-given purpose, to love others, and glorify Him with everything they do. We believe …

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Changing the World Together

In Uganda, we have seen students in boarding schools to have one sole residential caretaker per one, two, or even three hundred (yes, hundred) students. …

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Lessons from the Master Farmer

Although Uganda has seen a lot of urbanization in the past few years, the majority of Ugandans are still subsistence farmers — working tirelessly to …

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The Salvation Story of Charles and His Mom

Charles heard the Gospel for the first time after joining our Scholarship Program in 2008. He gave his life to Christ and abandoned the cultural …

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Easter at Amazima

“For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 6:23 We love …

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Beyond the Beads

Join us as we sit down with Agnes, an artisan from Amazima’s Beading Circle, to hear her story of impact beyond the beads. Fresh From …

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Amazima + Ekisa Buddy Program

The more we experience God’s love the more we are able to also see others through His eyes. At The Amazima School, we are seeing …

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Empowerment Through Family Strengthening

In our mission statement, we say that our work is “to live out the love of Jesus by educating and empowering the people of Uganda …

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Thank You!

Thanks to your generosity, The Amazima Primary School is officially under construction, debt-free!

Behold the Savior

By: Katie Davis Majors It is Christmastime. I make sheep costumes for the Christmas play next week, and carols ring through the house from stereo …

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Faithful He Will Be

Today, we are remembering His faithfulness since the very beginning of Amazima Ministries. This video originally came out in 2010, when our Founder, Katie Davis …

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A Decade

By: Katie Davis Majors It has been ten years since my feet first stepped onto this red dirt to call this place home. A decade. …

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