Anne Mary’s Story


Anne Mary has a sweet and nurturing soul. She always greets people with a wide smile, asks them how they are doing and listens genuinely to the answers. She has a cackle for a laugh, making it impossible for those around not to join her. She is also incredibly compassionate and hard-working. If there is a child in need of medical attention, even if it is her day off she will be the one to voluntarily offer her skills. When we built our nurses’ office at our land in Buziika, we were looking for a nurse who would be willing to work part-time and possibly be on-call regularly. Above all else, we wanted a nurse who loved Jesus and wanted to offer his or her medical gift as a way to serve Him. God brought someone who fit these requirements perfectly.

Anne Mary has over 30 years of experience in Ugandan hospitals as well as connections with doctors and specialists in many medical fields. Within the first couple months after her hire, we were introduced to medical cases that made us unsure of where to take the patients. Anne Mary immediately knew exactly which hospital to take them to as well as which doctor to see. She quickly got on the phone and, in a matter of minutes, we had appointments for our patients. It is easy to recognize her keen medical knowledge and sound decision-making.

After working at Jinja Main Hospital (a large government hospital) for numerous years, she reached the age where they required her to retire. But she still wished to practice the profession she loved even while getting older. Anne Mary holds all the characteristics we were looking for in a nurse, and she was anxiously waiting to start work and continue serving the people around her. She has already improved the medical care and attention that we provide for our children. We cannot help but thank God for bringing us staff members like her who care deeply and love abundantly.

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