Announcing The Amazima School: Dream with us


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We are thrilled to announce an exciting new initiative for Amazima Ministries!

Building The Amazima School is a big project, but we serve a big God! Since Amazima’s founding in 2008, we have experienced glimpses of God’s hand moving in mighty ways among the people we serve and those that help us serve them. We sense God’s hand moving once again and we invite you to join us for what He has in store for you, for Amazima and for the families and communities we serve.

Several years ago, as our sponsorship program reached over 500 children we began to understand a new need for future ministry. Though we make (and will continue making) tremendous investments in primary school children, we too frequently see the discipleship and mentoring efforts being undermined and marginalized as our students reach secondary school (high school). We have identified at least three reasons why this is the case:

  • Most of the secondary schools in Uganda are boarding schools located several hours away and are not Christ-focused. The students often have no positive Christian role models in their lives when they go away to school.
  • We began to see the reality that many secondary school children in Uganda are often abused by their professors and/or house parents.
  • The educational philosophy in secondary schools focuses on rote memorization of information and is not preparing young men and women for success after they graduate. There is a huge need for basic problem solving, creative thinking and the entrepreneurial skills necessary for students to better themselves and their families.

As we began to seek God’s direction to address these needs, we felt prompted to explore the possibility of a secondary school that could finish the good work we started in the lives of our sponsored children. Through endless prayer, consultations from experts and healthy dialogue, we believe the next step God has for Amazima is the establishment of The Amazima School, just outside of Jinja, Uganda. We have spent a great deal of time laying the groundwork for this effort over the last 9-12 months.

So where are we in the process?

We have plans drawn up for the school, we have a brilliant educator and man of God to serve as “Head of School,” and now we are looking for men, women, churches, and organizations to come alongside of this vision as financial partners. Amazima needs to raise $3.5 million to begin construction of the school in 2015. AND, we are committed to stay debt-free throughout this entire process which means we rely on the generosity of individuals just like you.

Would you join us in this effort by making a donation TODAY for the initial construction and ongoing operations of The Amazima School?


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