Celebrating Scholarship Families at Christmas


This Christmas, a tremendous difference was made in the lives of the families we serve because of the generous giving towards our Week of Impact campaign. We were able to give away a Christmas basket to each of the 248 families currently in our scholarship program. They were given a week before Christmas so they had time to prepare their celebrations. In addition, we were able to provide extra food to the 8 child-headed families in our program. Child-headed homes typically have a harder time meeting basic needs, because these are families that consist of siblings who no longer have a guardian to care for them; the oldest sibling is in charge of the rest. So this extra food for them is incredibly helpful, as you can imagine.

The baskets included a chicken (a big deal in Uganda!) and a massive bunch of matooke (similar to plantains) which they use to make some of their favorite foods. Also, fun fact: the “baskets” that are used to deliver their goodies are plastic basins that are VERY useful in Uganda! People use them daily for washing their clothes, washing their babies, and/or storing things!

On Christmas day, our families gathered again with our scholarship mentors and a few other staff, and they all shared a meal together. Afterward, Katie shared a message of encouragement about the true meaning of Christmas. It was a great celebration!

We are tremendously grateful for the partnership of the many who helped provide an impact in so many lives this Christmas. It’s generosity like this that makes a tangible difference in the lives of the families in our scholarship program!

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