Living out our core value of Passion


Passion.  A simple yet powerful word.  Full of spirit, heart, and emotion.

It’s been said, “One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested.”

At Amazima, passion isn’t just a goal or something we strive for, it is one of our core values.  It is in our DNA.  It’s who we are, not just how we do things.

When we speak of passion, we’re saying we’re a group of people who are wholeheartedly committed to doing all we can to accomplish the mission we believe God has established for Amazima. We’re on fire about our vision, and we’re excited to tell other people about it. 

Passion at Amazima is a wholehearted commitment, doing whatever it takes, selfless sacrifice, keeping our word even when it’s hard, being persistent, never giving up, sold out, and free to smile, laugh and cry.  It’s all of these things, but it’s also more than these things.

While we often focus our thinking about passion in terms of the outward expressions of enthusiasm, energy, intensity, and zeal… the truth is passion is also found in the quiet confidence, assurance, steadfastness, and an unwavering devotion to all that Christ has in store for us. Passion comes in all shapes and sizes. In all volumes. In all emotions.

At Amazima, you will see passion lived out in a variety of ways. In a variety of personalities. In a variety of expressions.

And while passion at Amazima might look and be expressed differently depending upon personalities, circumstances, or life experiences, it will always include a wholehearted commitment and confidence (often a quiet confidence) that God is at work for His glory and His pleasure. Our passion flows out of the joy that we get to be a part of the story God is writing in and through Amazima.

One of our deepest hopes as Amazima staff is by modeling passion, our students will see its value and become men and women of passion as well.

We would love for you to watch one of our favorite examples of passion in the video below. This is from our first baptisms at The Amazima School back in 2018. We never get tired of watching this video because we see our core value of passion all over it! From Pastor Daniels’s passion for the Lord and how He’s working in each student’s life, to the students who are passionate about what God has done and publicly proclaiming their faith in Him. Do you see it?

At Amazima, whatever we do, we will do it with all of our heart. We will be men and women of passion.

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