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Heart of Amazima: Meet George

If you’re looking for a young leader who is full of life, you’re looking for George. He is in primary two this year, and is the class monitor for his classroom. Being the class monitor means he is responsible for collecting chalk for the teacher and collecting books for marking after assigned exercised. While George takes his responsibilities seriously, he is lighthearted and loves to have fun. He and his friends often use balls made of plastic bags and banana fibers to play football when they have downtime at school.
George lives with his grandmother and his cousin Lindsey. Lindsey and George are close friends and are quick to share food with each other and play as soon as George gets home from school everyday. But before he plays, he helps his grandmother by sweeping their living quarters and washing her cooking utensils.

George brings a lot of laughter to our Saturday Program, and his joy is contagious. Through the generosity of our sponsors, George’s mentor is able to consistently pour into George and his family, and encourage him in his schoolwork. Give the gift of discipleship, education, and tangible love:

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