#TeamAmazima: Succulents Can Change Lives


A 14-year-old named Georgia is selling succulents, eye-catching plants that require minimal care, to raise support for Amazima.

When Georgia heard about Katie’s story and Amazima’s mission, she set out to help us accomplish our mission… from Australia. A few weeks ago she let us know she’d be selling succulents at her church, and actually asked if we would be ok with that. Our answer? OF COURSE. We were so excited when Georgia let us know she’d sold 40 succulents as of last Sunday!

We’re not all called to move to another country, but we’re all called to play our part. If you believe in the work God is doing through our team, we encourage you to get creative, think outside of the box, and don’t ever believe that small numbers mean small impact.Every dollar raised and every prayer prayed makes a difference. The gift we receive from those 40 succulent sales will help us live out the love of Jesus in Uganda.

We hope you’re inspired by this story, because we certainly are!

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