In Seven Years’ Time


Almost two months ago, our first class of students arrived to The Amazima School campus—their home for the next seven years. They moved in, met their teachers, housemates, and house parents for the first time, and attended their first classes and chapel service.

Excitement filled the air, and it still does today.

As students and staff members have settled into their daily routines, we’ve already started hearing stories of life change and transformation. Yet the work is just beginning! Our hopes and dreams for what these students will experience over the next seven years and beyond have only expanded since they arrived.

“I pray these students learn to become not only job-seekers, but job-creators. I believe this can be achieved partly by modeling the fruits of the Spirit to them. We don’t just want to teach them what the fruits of the Spirit are, we want to model them through action. We want the students to show the love of God to everyone they come across. Here at The Amazima School, I already see the fruits of the Spirit being modeled on a daily basis and it excites me to see how these students will grow with Christ over the next seven years.”

Martin, Science Teacher

“The majority of these children come from broken families. I pray they know that life isn’t about where they came from, but who God created them to be. My dream is for each and every student that walks through The Amazima School doors to know their purpose in God’s eyes. And then someday we hope they will go back to the communities they were raised in and make disciples there. In seven years’ time, we will have a strong group of leaders heading into the world who can only lead because they have learned to be led themselves.”

Christine, Amazima Nurse

“It is our hope that each of our students realize God’s unique and special plan for their life. We believe that God has placed unique passions on their hearts to be used for His glory. It is our prayer that over the course of their time at The Amazima School, our students might discover those passions and sharpen skills, so that they might return to their communities as leaders. With God, anything is possible. We want them to understand this and dream BIG!”

Sarah and Gabe, Family Mentors


“My deepest desire for Amazima’s students is for them to truly know God. I don’t say that lightly. Being aware of God’s sovereignty in my life has personally helped me grow. I don’t work for man or for an organization… I work for God. This mindset is what I desire for the students of The Amazima School. As a result of teaching them to fear God and love people, I hope they will be responsible people in their communities and families, help break the cycle of poverty in the lives of others, and educate their own children.”

Ruth, Student Life Administrator

Thank you for allowing these passionate teachers, family mentors, and other staff members to invest into Amazima students! We look forward to continuing to share stories of transformation as we watch God at work in the lives of each student over the next seven years and beyond.

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