Not Your Average Holiday


A few weeks ago, 40 students and 12 mentors from our Scholarship Program set out on a journey. They traveled to a house that was falling apart. In this home, two guardians care for eight children. The team came ready to work, serve, and bless the guardians and children in their care – and they accomplished their mission. In one day, they dug holes, created a structure, and put up walls and a roof. In one day, they built an entirely new home.

The amazing part about this all is our students and mentors were on holiday when they completed the project. They chose to use their free time to meet a need in the community. What’s more amazing is one day’s worth of sacrifice will result in a family being blessed daily for years.

Needless to say, we are so proud of our students and mentors.

P.S. Holiday is over and school is back in session! Pray for students and their mentors and teachers.

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