Ready, Set, Term 1


Well, holiday is over and school is back in full swing! The first of three terms began just a couple of weeks ago and we had so much fun, as always, passing out school supplies. When we pass out supplies, all of the students receive the basics, but those going off to secondary school also receive a suitcase, mattress, and other necessities! Supplies will be replenished at the start of terms 2 and 3.

We never tire of seeing the children’s faces when they receive their supplies, the small tools they’ll take with them on their journey from one year to the next. We try our best to encourage them, whether they’ve excelled in school or have had to repeat grades.

We all need a little love along the way, right? Our hope is that’s what passing out school supplies is for the children in our program, a pit stop for love and encouragement.

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