Living out our core value of stewardship amidst the pandemic

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When we say stewardship at Amazima, we mean that we are responsible for every dollar, resource and person with which God entrusts us. We say it, and we mean it! We are continually praying about how we can best use the resources He has provided us with to honor Him.

Stewardship is not only about being responsible but also about being grateful for what we have been given and striving to be faithful managers, or should we say good stewards, knowing God owns it all.

Given the current situation with the lockdown in Uganda, some children have been out of school for eighteen months. While we wait patiently, trusting in God’s provision to bring our students back into the classroom safely, our staff developed a creative solution to encourage our students at home.

Students attending The Amazima School and living in the neighboring village of Buziika have been given access to laptops loaded with an online learning platform. This platform allows students to receive and utilize worksheets, videos and puzzles specifically uploaded for them without needing the Internet. Our teachers are regularly recording video lessons to assist and support their students through this program. These laptops are distributed at the beginning of each week and collected at the end of each week by our community engagement mentors on their motorbikes.

Stephen Fernandez, Head Teacher at The Amazima School, desires that none of the students feel forgotten. He states, “The student’s education is our responsibility, and we weren’t going to let the lockdown change that. We wanted to come alongside the students and their families to show them that we would make this work and that there are things that we can do for them.”

These laptops have made a significant impact on our students. They have helped many students prepare for the national exams, keep their brain active and provide hope in a time of uncertainty.

Stewardship is both short-term and long-term. Amazima staff has big plans of integrating the laptops donated by our generous donors into everyday learning. Stephen shared, “It’s not changing our learning philosophy; it’s just influencing students for the future.”

Educational needs cannot be met without first ensuring that the student’s basic needs are met. Our staff on the ground in Uganda partner with the families and communities, making sure access to medicine and nutrition is readily available. Students who have their basic needs met first are in a better position to learn – and hopefully thrive – during this prolonged pandemic.

We desire to demonstrate stewardship in every way at Amazima in the hope that our students will live on to become good stewards as well. We thank God for entrusting us with great responsibility and for our generous donors whose impact not only provides resources to help our students but also teaches them the important values that God wants to instill in each one of them.

“Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in various forms.”

1 Peter 4:10
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