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During our HIV and AIDS support groups, we focus on “living positively.” Living positively is acknowledging that while you may have HIV, you still have the right to live a full and productive life. We encourage group members to maintain good hygiene, eat properly, exercise, take medication at the appropriate times, and continue attending doctors appointments, and to help their children or family members do the same.

One of the biggest hindrances to living positively for our group is finances. Families confessed that it is difficult to eat nutritious foods like eggs and bananas regularly when they often do not have the money to afford it.

After exploring several income generating options, we realized that Amazima purchases about 930 brooms each school term to send with our sponsored secondary students. After some brainstorming, we decided this is an excellent market for our support group to take part in!

The group, made up mostly of parents and guardians of children in our program, was very excited about the prospect of becoming broom makers. With the extra income they earn from making brooms, they will be able to provide their family with healthy food to keep their bodies in excellent condition!

By empowering these families to live positively, we hope they will be a light to the rest of their communities and encourage others to live to their full potential!

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