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It’s a big month for the children of Amazima! Holiday break will come to an end soon and students are counting down the days with excitement. While many around the world look forward to school breaks, most of the children in our sponsorship outreach don’t. They’re hungry for knowledge and are humbled by the opportunity to receive an education. For them, learning is not a burden or simply a part of growing up… it’s a gift. What if we all viewed education like that?

Knowing how much the children love school work, some of our mentors put together packets of educational worksheets for students to go through over break. Their response? Sheer excitement!

Along with returning to school in a couple of weeks, children are looking forward to another event this month: Amazima’s Youth Conference! Our youth pastor has been planning this for some time now and would love for you to join us in prayer. As he teaches on the gospel, purity, and God’s plan for His children, please pray for…

  • The gospel to be received
  • A desire for purity
  • Wisdom, knowledge, and understanding for all who come
  • Jesus to be glorified above all else!

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