Help Us Say “Welcome Home”!

Over the next two years, The Amazima School will open its doors to almost 150 new students and 40 new staff. We need you to help make campus housing feel like home for students, family mentors, and staff who will live at The Amazima School! In addition, there are critical items needed from the states to make sure our programs for the students are done with excellence.

You all helped bless us 2 years ago as we were getting set up, and it’s been amazing to see our students flourish in these places! Once again, we are asking for your assistance.

We’ve got a long list of items we need to furnish multiple units and to resource areas of operation—will you consider purchasing an item from our registry?


  1. The registry will take you offsite once you are ready to purchase. VERY IMPORTANT: Please take note of address displayed for shipping — it will need to be used at checkout!
  2. Click “Buy this gift at…” and you will be directed to the respective shopping site to manage the online purchase.
  3. During the checkout process, make sure you use the previously displayed shipping address or just type in:
    Amazima Ministries
    1707 Westridge Road
    Greensboro, NC 27410
    Phone: 615.656.5355
  4. After purchasing, go back to the “My Registry” window and click “Yes” when you’re asked if you purchased the item(s) you selected on the registry. This will help us keep the registry updated AND this will ensure you receive a receipt for your in-kind donation.
  5. Please complete your purchases by September 21 so that we can get these on a container and on their way to Uganda!

Thank you for helping us make these spaces into wonderful, welcoming homes and equipping us to continue our programs with excellence!

View the Registry

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