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Why Your Sponsorship Matters

We believe one of the best ways Amazima can facilitate lasting change in Uganda is by pouring into Uganda’s youth and their families. Our sponsors allow us to do that effectively and strategically, and here’s why:


It’s estimated that for each year of real quality education a child receives without repeating a grade, his or her individual earnings will increase by 10%. When individuals are able to provide for themselves, they are no longer forced to engage in harmful activities in order to have their daily needs met. Financial stability empowers individuals to care for themselves, their families, and ultimately break the cycle of poverty.


68% of children in Uganda who enroll in primary school are likely to drop out before finishing the prescribed seven years. Children who aren’t in school are more likely to fall into harmful situations and activities. With their school fees and meals provided by sponsors, sponsored children are motivated to complete primary and secondary school, which increases their opportunities and hope for a bright future.


Over 70% of people who come to a relationship with Jesus do so because of a personal relationship. Our mentors are trained and committed to establishing lasting relationships with their students and their students’ families, and we believe this is the greatest hope we have for leading people to Christ. We work hard to ensure the people we care for receive quality education and skills for work, but our greatest goal is to see lives transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. When you sponsor children in Uganda, you not only invest in their education, but you also vastly enhance their quality of life, making a powerful investment in both their present and eternal future.

Click here to become a sponsor today, or here to learn more about what it means to be a sponsor with Amazima.

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