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On Monday, December 28, both Amazima’s Facebook page and Katie Davis’s Facebook page were maliciously hacked. Until this morning, we were not able to access our pages as a result. After many long hours, our case was submitted to Facebook’s legal team, and our pages were restored shortly after. We truly thank God for resolving this issue, and will continue to monitor our pages and all of Amazima’s systems. As a precautionary, we will wait until early next week to give an official all-clear for our Facebook pages. Additionally, please note that this hack was isolated to Facebook, and no other systems connected to Amazima were effected.

We’re sorry for any and all inappropriate content you had to see on our pages, and are so thankful for all of your notes of concern, support, and prayers. Our prayer is for God to be glorified through this situation, and know He will be!

—Amazima Ministries

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