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Anne Mary’s Story

Anne Mary has a sweet and nurturing soul. She always greets people with a wide smile, asks them how they are doing and listens genuinely to the answers. She has a cackle for a laugh, making it impossible for those…

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Announcing The Amazima School: Dream with us

Download The Amazima School brochure by clicking HERE! We are thrilled to announce an exciting new initiative for Amazima Ministries! Building The Amazima School is a big project, but we serve a big God! Since Amazima’s founding in 2008, we…

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Big Yields

In Uganda, about 75% of the population is engaged in some type of agriculture. For many, it is the sole income for their family and their only source of food. One can imagine the anxiety that comes with waiting to…

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Day of an African Child

Today, all of Uganda pauses to reflect on their greatest strength. Today is the Day of the African Child. This year the focus was placed on the importance for all children to receive a quality education. Mentor Annet wrote a…

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Sweeping For Support

During our HIV and AIDS support groups, we focus on “living positively.” Living positively is acknowledging that while you may have HIV, you still have the right to live a full and productive life. We encourage group members to maintain…

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Back to School

We are sure you know the drill by now…everyone lines up to collect their school supplies and then heads on over for a full term of education! We would love your prayers and thoughts to be with all of these…

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